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                  ABOUT ME

                         “Photography is the only language

                         that can be understood anywhere in the world.”

                  Born in Cologne in 1968, I discovered my love for photography at an early age, but it wasn’t until
                  2015 that I actively pursued my hobby of photography. In 2005 I started to work in the field of web
                  and print design, in addition to my actual job as an IT developer and system administrator at a large
                  automotive company.

                  My main interest is in people, landscape and street photography, but I also often get inspired while
                  travelling and have therefore developed a passion for the small details of photography, focusing on
                  aesthetics and harmony, combined with most graphic image composition.

                  My love for experimentation and detail is particularly evident in my work. I appreciate the emotion-
                  al connection between the viewer and the subject, so my paintings often have an authentic effect.

                  Horst Frommont
                  Am Zehnthof 19                                    +49 157 87007511
                  50259 Pulheim - Germany

                  Phone : +49 157 87007511                          captured.on.street

                  Email :
                  Website :        captured_on_street
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